Pengtian Tools provides high-quality products to power tool accessories manufacturer, Wholesaler and importer. As one of the largest Bi-Metal Hole Saw Production bases in Asia and the Most influential cutting tools makers in the world, Pengtian Tools Co., Ltd. is well-known for it's modern equipment, advanced technology, strictly quality control (ISO 9002) and super quality products.

According to customer’s request, three series of tools can be supplied in our company:
   1. Hole Saws
   2. Saw Blades
   3. Dill Bits

Especially, the Bi-Metal Hole Saw as the main products are manufactured on a large scale, with an annual out put of 10 million pieces, 98%of which are exported to U.S.A, Germany, U.K, Holland, France, Australia, Middle-East, and some other countries.

Our focus on quality began many yeas ago and continues to be a unifying force throughout every process in our organization, in 1999, this quality commitment was formally recognized when we achieved ISO 9002 certification.

Further, our commitment to quality extends to our entire sales organization.

Finally, but most importantly, we recognize that nothing is possible without satisfied, request customers.

It is our commitment to quality, innovation and the customer, that continues to bring new customers to our door. If you are one of them, welcome to PENGTIAN. If you are an old friend, we look forward to continuing our friendship.


Bi-metal Hole Saws
Reciprocating Saw Blades
Forstner Bits
Router Bits